My name is Henry Vincent and I am a software developer based in London. I have many opinions and not many people to listen to those opinions.

During school I discovered that I had a (though I say so myself)  bit of a talent for writing, and really enjoyed it as well. My favourite parts of the English GCSE were the creative writing bits, where I wrote a few of my (I think, anyway) best… writings(?). I remember getting really excited to do the coursework because it was a chance to flex my creative muscle.

Well, it’s only when I had left school did I realise how much stuff I’d not be doing anymore when I didn’t have to. I almost immediately missed creative writing, so I sought after a way of continuing it. This blog was the solution. Around the start, I had just played Batman: Arkham Knight and wanted to express my frustration at it – what an opportunity to start my new hobby! I look back on that post now and realise that I’ve improved a lot since then, so don’t start with that one – look at my recent stuff; I’m getting better all the time.

The subject of my writing is mostly about video games, which was not planned – I just have a lot to say about them. I try to write about other stuff on occasion when I feel that I’ve spoken too much about one subject, but that’s about once in a blue moon. This blog is really just about whatever I want to talk about.

Please enjoy my ramblings about stuff you probably don’t care about – this is, after all, me and my important thoughts.